Human and veterinary medicines

The Pharmaceutical Laboratory has a diversified and modern equipment complex, working under a solid quality system and an expertise team.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of analytical methods for content determination, known impurities and uniformity.
  • Development of analytical methods for dissolving solid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.
  • Forced degradation study for the development of Stability Indicating Methods.
  • Validation and Partial Validation of analytical methods in accordance with current ANVISA and MAPA regulations.
  • Characterization and isolation of unknown impurities and degradation products present in raw materials and finished products.


Stability studies with the following services:

  • Usage Period Stability Study
  • Accelerated Stability Study
  • Long Term Stability Stud
  • Photostability Stud


Physicochemical assays with the following services:

  • Identification, content and related substances
  • Elementary impurities
  • Tests according to the Brazilian, American and European pharmacopeias.


Microbiological assays with the following services:

  • Total viable organism count
  • Search for pathogens
  • Antibiotic Microbiological Assays


Safety with the following services:

  • Toxicological Studies on Sanitizing, Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary Products.

To know the recognized services, consult our GLP detailed list at INMETRO webpage