Agronomical efficiency and residue

With a large experience in agricultural research, we have a highly qualified team managing the experimental fields accredited in Agricultural Ministry (MAPA), and partnerships with public and privates companies, aimed at Agricultural Pesticide Residues studies conduction and official report issuing on Agronomical efficiency and practicability. Both recognized by INMETRO according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

The experimental fields are located in Paraná, São Paulo and Goiás states, embracing strategical geographic regions for main crops relevant in the national agro business.

The residue laboratory is composed by expert team and high technology equipment to Residue Maximum Limit (RML) evaluation and validation and development of new methodology for active ingredient and metabolites residue determination in different crops, in GLP according to RDC 4/ANVISA requirement (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) for agrochemical registration.

Currently, Plantec performs studies in several cultures, such as grains, winter cereals, pasture, horticulture, fruits, coffee, bioenergy crop, citriculture, ornamental plants among others.


Iracemápolis SP
Santa Mariana PR
Anápolis GO