Our History


Founded in 1989, Plantec provides analysis services of high complexity and quality control of chemical, physical-chemical, microbiological, ecotoxicological and nuclear magnetic resonance in the sectors of: Agrochemicals, Food, Environmental, Drugs, Sanitary Products, Cosmetics and Veterinary. In addition to research studies and agronomic efficacy

The company itself has a complex of laboratories, three experimental farms and commercial office, divided into 4 units located in Brazil: Iracemápolis (SP), São Paulo (SP), Santa Mariana (PR) and Anapolis (GO).

The Plantec is proud to offer your customers high quality services through:

  • Technological infrastructure with the latest equipment and constantly improving
  • Highly technical staff and trained
  • Quickly and, especially, reliability analysis

We possess recognized studies in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices for physico chemical, residue studies, ecotoxicological and toxicological tests, agronomic feasibility and effectiveness of pesticides, their components and related products under the number GLP 0021. It also has accreditation from the ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 for testing in several areas, such as monitoring of Multiresidents in Food, Environmental and Physical-Chemical tests, under the number CRL 0297. Our scopes can be consulted in the INMETRO website.


Provide services that meet the expectations of partners, providing economic growth, social and environmental.


Be a global benchmark for quality and excellence in research and chemical analysis.


Ethics, entrepreneurship, dedication and excellence.

The Plantec operates since 1989 in studies to support regulatory, and invested heavily in the development of a laboratory for latest generation, and it soon became a laboratory for analytical studies and quality control more modern and competitive of the market, through a structure with high technology and analytical techniques certified by our quality system, offer your clients and sponsors the best result for your business, with competitive cost and the assurance of a high quality analysis.

To achieve this quality, we invest in training and qualification of employees always seeking continuous improvement of our processes.

And through the commitment of our employees always expect to meet all quality requirements of our customers and sponsors, to demonstrate care for the environment and commitment to human health in their products.