Laboratory of Ecotoxicology (LAECO), has implemented cultivation of organisms for use in acute toxicity tests. Currently, the laboratory provides services for monitoring ecological and / or environmental various productive sectors, such as sugar cane mills, steel mills, sanitation companies, chemical industries, among others.

The studies are conducted under GLP practices, according to the OECD Guidelines that establish methods for the evaluation of acute toxicity of samples of wastewater, surface water or groundwater and chemicals soluble or dispersed in water.

The scope BPL 0021 can be consulted on the INMETRO website.



  • Acute toxicity test with fish Danio rerio – (OECD 203/1992)
  • Acute toxicity test with earthworms Eisenia andrei  – (OECD 207/1984)
  • Acute toxicity test by contact with Bees Apis mellifera - (OECD 214/1998)
  • Acute oral toxicity test with Bees Apis mellifera – (OECD 213/1998)
  • Acute immobilisation test with Daphnia similis - (OECD 202/2004)
  • Test with algae growth inhibition Pseudokirchneriella subcaptata - (OECD 201/2011)
  • Acute oral toxicity test with birds Coturnix coturnix japônica - (OECD 223/2016)
  • Test of transformation of nitrogen in the soil - (OECD 216/2000)
  • Test of conversion of carbon in the soil - (OECD 217/2000)



  • Salas climatizadas para testes e criação de organismos não-alvo (microrganismos, algas, organismos do solo, abelhas, microcrustáceos, peixes e aves)