Residues And Agronomic Effectiveness

The Plantec Laboratories has extensive experience in the sector of agricultural research and has a highly qualified team ahead of three own experimental stations accredited with the Ministério da Agricultura, and partnerships with public and private companies, aimed at conducting studies of Pesticides Residues and the issuance of official reports of Agronomic Efficiency and Feasibility. It also has, in conducting agricultural studies, recognition by the INMETRO according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Experimental stations are located in the states of Paraná, São Paulo and Goiás, covering strategic geographies, cultures of relevance to agribusiness. Currently Plantec conducts studies on a wide range of crops such as cereals winter and summer, pastures, vegetables, fruit, coffee, bioenergy crops, citrus, floriculture and ornamental, among others.


Iracemápolis - SP

Rodovia SP 147 km 128, bairro Marrafon.
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Santa Mariana - PR

Rodovia BR 369 km 69, bairro Água do Meio.
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Anápolis - GO

Rodovia BR 060 km 77, Zona Rural.
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  • Três estações experimentais credenciadas
  • Equipamentos específicos de aplicação
  • Ambientes controlados para armazenamento de amostras