We guarantee the quality of veterinary products, by testing for quality control of the same, thus providing the animal welfare.

As a sub-area of the Laboratory of veterinary drugs, laboratory of veterinary waste (LAVET) has high-tech equipment and trained professionals to analyze, identify and quantify possible veterinary drug residues in animal matrices, thus ensuring greater safety and quality in products to be sold.

To know what services we are accredited, our detailed BPL (BPL 0021) can be found on the INMETRO website.


Physico-chemical tests

  • Description
  • pH
  • Identification by the technique of thin layer chromatography
  • density by pycnometer
  • Moisture by Karl Fisher
  • Moisture by gravimetric
  • Temperature and melting range
  • Sulphated ash ( residue on ignition )
  • Total ash
  • Particle size of powders
  • Hardness into tablets with or without coating
  • Friability
  • Weight dosage forms
  • Time for disintegration of tablets and capsules
  • Dissolution time for tablets and capsules
  • Purity by chromatography
  • Content by potentiometry and voltammetry
  • Identification and quantification by spectrophotometry ultraviolet and visible
  • Assay by titration
  • Determination of the content , impurities and identified by liquid chromatography
  • Determination of the content , impurities and identified by gas chromatography
  • Rotary Viscosity
  • Capillary Viscosity
  • Acidity and alkalinity
  • Solution Clarity
  • Metals by atomic absorption spectrophotometry with flame ( FAAS )
  • Metals by optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma ( ICP OES )
  • Sodium and potassium by flame photometry
  • Refractive index
  • particle size by optical microscopy
  • Rotational Power

Microbiological tests

  • Counting of viable microorganisms
  • Research and identification of pathogens
  • microbiological assay of antibiotics


  • Test of similarity between pilots matches
  • Accelerated stability study, long-term and time period (multidose)
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Analysis of the quality control of raw materials and finished products
  • Dissolution profile for dosage forms in suspension and tablets
  • Residues of veterinary drugs in animal matrices

Veterinary Residues (LAVET)

The laboratory conducts studies according to GLP determine and quantify residues of veterinary drugs in biological matrices, such as, muscle, liver, kidney, fat, urine, plasma, milk, eggs, honey, milk glands, and duodenum residual mammary secretion.



  • LC/MS/MS – API 5500 Qtrap
  • LC/MS/MS - API 5000
  • LC/MS/MS - API 4000 Qtrap
  • LC/MS/MS – API 3200 Qtrap
  • GC / MS MS – Triplo quadrupolo
  • GC - MS7 – Ion Trap
  • GC – MSD
  • GC - FPD
  • GC - µECD
  • GC / FID