The Environmental Laboratory provides analytical services that meet the various environmental agencies such as the Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente, Ministério da Saúde, CETESB, FEAM, among others. We are the first company to conduct environmental analysis in equipment of Mass Spectrometry - ICP / MS - Varian, surely offering the lower limits of quantification and more reliable analytical results.

We are doing well in the market by being one of the few laboratories perform the test multiresidue pesticides in soil.

To know which services we are accredited, our scope ISO 17025 (CRL 0297) can be consulted on the INMETRO website.


Surface Water

Collection and analysis of samples of raw water sources (rivers, lakes, springs) and treated water for public supply (treatment systems / ETA and distribution networks), given fully to the laws prevailing in the country.

Ordinance 2914/12 ofMinistério da Saúde Resolução CONAMA Nº 357/05; State Decree Nº 8468/76; RDC 274/275


  • Collects and analyzes samples of groundwater used for human consumption, and also from piezometric network monitoring groundwater aquifer areas under the influence of industrial enterprises, projects for decontamination and sanitary and industrial landfills.
  • Level Measurement
  • Analysis of Field
  • Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC (Mét. EPA 8260)
  • Determination of Petroleum Hydrocarbons - TPH (Mét. EPA 8015)
  • Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Semi-Volatile- SVOC (Mét. 8270)
  • Determination of PriorityPollutants Metals
  • Complete List of "Valores Orientadores – Cetesb"
  • BTEX, PAH´s, phenols
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Ecotoxicological Analysis
  • Conama Resolution 396/08

Industrial and Household liquid effluents

  • Characterization of industrial and domestic wastewater in order to support project design of treatment plants, performance monitoring of physico-chemical and biological treatment and services to legal and regulatory requirements applicable systems
  • Assistance to Decree N° 8468/76
  • Assistance to Resolution CONAMA Nº 357/05
  • Assistance to State Standards (FEAM, FEEMA, FATMA, FEPAM, etc.)and Federal of special interest
  • Testing of Treatability
  • Physical-chemical Analysis in general
  • Ecotoxicological tests
  • Physical-Chemical Quality Control of Effluents: Cyanide, BOD, COD, Phenols, Fluoride, Ammonia Nitrogen, Oils and Grease, pH, Waste Sedimentable, Sulfate, Sulfide, Metal (all). Ecotoxicological Quality Control of Effluents: Acute toxicity to fish, microcrustaceans (Daphnia similis), algae, among others.


  • Collection and analysis of soil and groundwater and surface water potentially contaminated by organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Complete List of "Valores Orientadores – Cetesb"
  • BTEX, PAH´s, Phenols
  • Pesticide Residue, Volatile and Semi-Volatile
  • Studies of incorporation of crop residues in agricultural áreas
  • Evaluation of fertility: pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminum + H +, Ion Exchange Capacity, Organic Matter and Aluminum
  • Micro and Macronutrients, Heavy Metals

Solid Residues

  • Collects and analyzes aimed at the characterization and classification of samples of industrial solid waste, enabling studies of recycling / reclamation or disposal.
  • Collect samples according to ABNT/NBR10.007
  • Characterization of industrial solid waste as ABNT/NBR 10.004
  • Characterization of solid, paste and liquid waste for incineration
  • Studies of incorporation of residues in Agriculture
  • Indication of alternative final destination

Atmospheric Emissions

  • Sampling and analysis of atmospheric gaseous emissions from stationary sources (ducts and chimneys) of production processes. Work undertaken as official methods EPA andCetesb. Seeking to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, Plantec"Air Emissions" uses the latest equipment for sampling Stationary Sources.
  • Control / Environmental Monitoring
  • Execution Firing Tests for Incinerators and Monitoring Co-processing Residues in Cement
  • Analysis Multimetais
  • Determination of:
    • Metals
    • Particulate Matter (PM)
    • Sulfur Oxides (SOx)
    • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
    • Hydrofluoric Acid / Fluoride (HF/F-)
    • Hydrochloric Acid / Chlorine Gas (HCl/Cl2)
    • Monitoring the Co-processing Residues in Cement
    • Ammonia and its compounds
    • Cyanide (CN-)
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
    • Total Hydrocarbons (THC)
    • Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC)
    • Dioxins and furans, among others



  • Espectrômetro de Absorção atômica
  • Espectrômetro de Massas com Plasma Acoplado Indutivamente – ICP/MS 
  • LC/MS MS
  • GC/MS
  • Espectrofotômetro UV-VIS
  • GC/FID